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Online donations – fast, easy and more importantly … secure

Our online donation is fast, easy and more importantly, secure. FOWA Rescue is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.  FOWA Rescue does not solicit funds through telemarking. This ensures the majority of the donation is used directly to improve the lives of our wayward animals.

Mail-In Donation Form

Why would anyone open up their home to an unknown, sometimes untrained animal? Because the rewards are amazing. Just some of the rewards of fostering include: 

Send your Mail-In Donations to:

PO Box 3701
Wayne, NJ 07470

Our Wish List…

This includes a list of items that we need for our cats and dogs to keep them healthy and happy. Your help in acquiring these items is always appreciated.

Ongoing Fundraisers donates to FOWA Rescue

Place your first order with and they will generously donate $20 to FOWA Rescue. Please use this link to ensure we get the donation.

Kitten Shower

Donate a basket for a person to take home with their new pet.

Kuranda donates to FOWA Rescue

By using the link below, Kuranda will donate 10% of your purchase to FOWA Rescue.