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Foster Contract

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    1. I understand that FOWA Rescue does not knowingly misrepresent any animal’s age, condition of health or temperament.
    2. I agree to foster this animal until it becomes adopted. If I cannot continue to foster this animal, I agree that I must return this animal to FOWA and will contact them at least two (2) weeks prior to give ample time to find another foster home.
    3. I agree that this animal, if a cat, must be kept as an inside cat only and, if a dog, must be primarily an inside dog unless otherwise approved by FOWA.
    4. I understand that FOWA will pay for all veterinary care but that I will be responsible for transporting the animal to one of the approved veterinarians for routine checkups and vaccinations when they are due and as notified by a FOWA representative.
    5. I understand that FOWA will either provide or reimburse the foster home food, supplies and medications necessary for the care of the foster animal.
    6. I agree that this animal is the sole property of FOWA and cannot be given or adopted to anyone without FOWA’s prior written permission. If I should find someone interested in adopting this animal, then I agree that the adoptive home must complete all FOWA paperwork and be interviewed by a FOWA representative.
    7. I agree that FOWA reserves the right to inspect the foster home environment of this animal I am fostering, at any time, and can reclaim this animal if the terms of this contract are not being met or if the animal is not being properly cared for.
    8. I agree that this animal must be brought to any FOWA animal adoptions they require.
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