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Interested in becoming a volunteer foster parent?

FOWA is always in need of homes willing to foster animals until they find their forever home. We cannot accept the surrender of animals without foster homes in which to place them. Therefore, we are limited in the number of animals we can help by the number of foster homes we have. If you have the space, a little extra time, and extra love to give, consider opening your home and heart to an animal in need.

FOWA’s foster homes, many of which have been with us for many, many years, experience great joy and deep satisfaction when they see that through their efforts a neglected dog or cat gets a second chance at life and a new opportunity to share his or her unconditional love. Not only do foster homes have the joy of seeing their foster animal placed into a new forever home, but also there is the additional joy of seeing the happiness of the new family: many of these homes need the dog/cat as much as the dog/cat needs them. 

FOWA provides all veterinary care and medicine for foster animals, plus plenty of support to foster parent volunteers. The only thing our foster parent volunteers provide is time, a place in their homes and  …. Lots of Love!

The Rewards

Why would anyone open up their home to an unknown, sometimes untrained animal? Because the rewards are amazing. Just some of the rewards of fostering include: 

  • Being able to experience that “new pet” excitement – over and over!

  • Being able to have a young puppy/kitten in your home any time you want.

  • Enjoying the unconditional love of an older dog/cat.

  • Making friends with other animal lovers & meeting a wide variety of people.

  • Knowing that you have saved an animals life.

  • Watching a scared dog/cat turn into a happy, well adjusted dog/cat that is ready for a new family.

  • Giving a family the joy of a new family member.

  • Learning from experienced trainers and other team members.

Requirements for
foster families

  • Any pets you currently own must meet the same minimum medical requirements we ask of our adopters. Current on all vaccinations, must be spayed/neutered and show consistency in receiving monthly heartworm preventative (for dogs). 

  • Love and treat your foster cat or dog like your own while it is in your home. 

  • Provide house training, crate training (we provide the crate if needed), leash manners and indoor manners training for dogs as needed .

  • Have your foster live indoors.

  • Provide a diet of good, nutritional, age appropriate food which FOWA will provide.

  • Have a safe, secure yard for your foster dog during its time outdoors or be able to provide exercise. A tired foster is a well behaved one…. 

  • Seek advice early and commit to work with your foster through any behavioral issues.

  • Give monthly heartworm and flea protection which is provided by FOWA.

  • Provide transportation for your foster animal to one of our APPROVED veterinary clinics (cost covered by FOWA with prior approval and arrangements), and attend adoption events when able.

  • Work with prospective adoptive families to help your foster animal find a home.

How do I begin?

Start by filling out a foster application online. We STRONGLY recommend that if you have any dogs, that they Bordatella vaccination prior to you bringing in a foster dog. Bordatella (kennel cough) is very common and many foster dogs come down with it. Next, a member of our rescue team will visit your home. The purpose is to answer any questions and to learn more about your level of experience. At this meeting, we will go over our fostering guidelines and ask you to sign our foster agreement. We understand that some people like or are better equipped to handle a certain type of foster dog/cat. For this reason, on your foster application, you can indicate your preference in size and age of the animal you would like to foster.

Interested in becoming a FOWA Foster Volunteer?
Fill out our On-Line Foster Application & Contract  by clicking on the links below.    

Interested in becoming a FOWA Volunteer?
Fill out our On-line Volunteer Application by clicking on the link below.